Volunteers for Indivisible-Upper Yellowstone

We need volunteers for these areas of work…

Issues (Research, Prioritizing, Presenting)

• Stay current with issues, modifying issue summaries and lists as needed
• Analyze issues for priority and make recommendation to the group
• Prepare selected issues for action planning and action teams (talking points etc.)

[This is ‘cutting edge’ work for us because there are so many issues – daily – that choosing which of them are the most important and most likely to be effectively addressed by Indivisible-Upper Yellowstone will be a continuous challenge. We have to react quickly to local and state issues as well as monitor what we can do about national issues. People who take on this work will need to be newshounds and gluttons for unpleasant news, while using sound judgement to study each issue that might be a candidate for action by our group.]

Action Planning (Action/Event Coordination, logistics, scheduling, evaluation)

• Recommend the feasibility/legality/impact of actions to the group
• Select the tactics for each action (working with tactics R&D)
• Work out the logistics for each action (people, transport, supplies, etc.)
• Coordinate PR/Communications
• Document actions and analyze for effectiveness

[Those in the Action Planning work need to have a talent for coordination, scheduling, logistics and all the nitty-gritty of putting together time, money, people, and planning for any significant actions taken by Indivisible-Upper Yellowstone. They’ll take the issues that the Issues Researchers provide and work with the membership to prioritize them. Those issues (or events) with the highest priority become “actions” which need planning – timing, logistics, resources, legality, tactics. Ultimately, this group puts together the plan for the Action Teams to take into the field, and then evaluates the action afterward to hopefully learn lessons for future actions.]

Action Teams (in-person contact, email-letters, phoning, demonstrations, etc.)

• People who do the planned action/activity in the field
• Small action (3-20 people, self-contained); large action (provide leadership)

[While some events/actions can be uncoordinated and successful – most cannot. An action team, whether it’s 3 people or 300, needs to know details of where they’re going, what they should do, what outcomes are desirable – and then take the plan ‘on the road’ and make it work. We’ll need lots of people over the years (think 2020) and it’s the kind of thing that people need to pace themselves and make contributions when they can.]

Communications and Connections (Media, Members, Other Groups)

• Maintain the Contacts Database of non-member groups and people
• Research other groups and people for contact and resources
• Maintain correspondence with other groups and people
• Maintain the Membership Database
• Maintain the Master Calendar/Schedule
• Maintain the Indivisible-Upper Yellowstone forums system at the website
• Generate external (public) communications, PR, social media, website
• Generate internal (group) communications, forums, newsletter etc.

[The folks who volunteer for this aspect of Indivisible-Upper Yellowstone might be called the “tech department”, except they also need skills in verbal and written communication along with marketing, design, database management, internet media, social media, and making contact/connections with all kinds of people and organizations. If you have interests/skills in any of these areas – help us put together a first-rate communications outfit.]

Tactics (Research, Development, Training)

• Research tactical ideas, resistance techniques, what other groups are doing
• Develop tactical scenarios, logistical planning, legal implications
• Teaching tactics to members and action teams
• Develop a “playbook” for the group to record tactics used and their results

[While “tactics” and “strategy” sound military, this is more like “being practical when you’re trying to influence people.” There are literally thousands of groups all over the country practicing every known (and many unknown) tactics to affect their congresspeople, the voting public, the media, and local politicians. We need to learn from what others are doing and make our own adaptations (and think of a few ourselves). It’s not enough to just come up with tactics for a specific action – it’s fitting them as well as possible to each situation, training people (action teams) on how to carry out the tactics, and assist the action planners with evaluating how it went.]

If you have the interest or the skills for any of the work – contact Nelson King via email: indivisible.upper.yellowstone.org


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