Gorsuch Vote – Final Protest

Although the final outcome of the vote for Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch may be scripted, in our growing tradition of taking advantage of moments, not just wins or losses – now, for the pending final votes this Thursday-Friday, is the time to contact our (currently) two members of Congress, Daines and Tester – and register your opinion.

Date and Time: Now, to the final vote

Daines – CALL at 587-3446 and ask him to tell McConnell not to invoke the ‘nuclear option’. If a nominee can’t get sixty votes, it’s time to change the nominee, not the rules.

Tester – CALL at 586-4450 and THANK HIM for standing up for Montana against corporate dominance, and for women’s rights, human rights, and the environment by voting NO on Gorsuch.

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