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“Last week Gov. Bullock gave the Legislature another chance to empower voters during the upcoming special election by allowing our counties the choice to make this an all-mail election. With his amendments to HB 83, my election clean-up bill now contains the language to mail a ballot to every eligible Montana voter ahead of May 25th,” Rep. Bryce Bennett (D-Missoula) said via email.

Unfortunately, Speaker Knudsen (R-Culbertson) is playing political games by refusing to schedule this bill for a debate on the House floor, which is why I need your help.

If we want to see turnout high and our democracy strong I need you to take action today. Please to  CONTACT YOUR LEGISLATORS TODAY  them that you want to see a debate on this important issue.

In the 2016 election, 94% of people who received a mail ballot returned it. Don’t we want that level for turnout for our May 25th special election?

On top of the benefits to voters, doing this election by mail will save our counties $750,000! There is no downside to doing this one special election by mail, just like many communities do for municipal and school elections. Please share your voice by CONTACT YOUR LEGISLATORS TODAY  and telling them to stop the politics and let the legislature vote!

So, let’s help out Rep. Bennett and let the Speaker know exactly what Montana voters want for our special election! Montanans are tired of WAITING.

Date and Time: by Tuesday  


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