This Week: Vote! CBO Report.

Having survived the last two weeks of the maelstrom, we of Indivisible Upper Yellowstone have one overriding mission for this week:

Vote. Get out the vote. Push the issues where it helps the vote, such as health care. Polls open 7AM, close 8PM.

Otherwise, we will shortly be going back to the regular flow of insane events. Trump will return from abroad. Some important things will happen during this week. I have been closely monitoring the Indivisible National forum (mobilize) and here are some trends:

1. The CBO report on the House AHCA will be out this week. It will most likely provide a plethora of talking points to go after MoCs and possibly voters. The general consensus among Indivisible groups seems to be moving in the direction of (re-) focusing on health care, especially in attacking the House AHCA and whatever misdirection the Senate will throw at the media.

2. Trump will be Trump and for the most part is best left out of the direct resistance – meaning that with the new special counsel (investigation) and the media, he will not be neglected. We (Indivisible et al) don’t need to focus on him. This includes concerted calls for impeachment, but does not include calling for an independent commission.

3. What is being neglected are the myriad efforts by federal agencies to remove, revise, or under-execute regulations (e.g. Net Neutrality, water quality, immigration). Here in the west we have a National Monuments problem and shortly more land use issues.

4. There will be a nationwide march effort for June 3. Labelled “March for Truth” Indivisible groups seem less that fully committed.

REMINDER: We have a regular monthly meeting of Indivisible Upper Yellowstone, Friday May 26 at 6PM in the MSU Extension classroom, 119 South Third in Livingston. We will have a full agenda.

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