Tax Bill Forum – Thursday Nov. 30

GOP/Trump Tax Bill Forum
7:00 PM Thursday November 30
(old) Lincoln School auditorium (3rd floor)
215 East Lewis Street
What do you need to know about the GOP/Trump Tax Bill currently in the Senate?
Have doubts about the claims and counterclaims?
Disturbed by the fog of lies and trickery?
Is it really as bad as some say it is? Like 13 million people losing healthcare; the national debt ballooning by $1.5 trillion; eventual cuts to Medicare and Social Security to pay for – what? – a massive tax cut for corporations and the wealthiest 1%.
Bring your questions and confusions to the Tax Bill Forum. It’s a learning experience for all of us, this unprecedented legislation. Our panel, moderated by Nelson King of Indivisible Upper Yellowstone and including Laurie Bishop (D-Montana State Representative) and ‘crowd wisdom’ will piece together the most accurate picture we can.
We, progressives, Democrats, liberals, independents, need to take this SERIOUSLY. The bill absolutely could pass with most of the worst intact. We need to spread the word so that people know what is coming…
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