IUY: Monthly Meeting, June 13

First off a reminder, next Wednesday, June 13 will be our general meeting at 6:30 PM in the Livingston – Park County Public Library in the Steveson room in the lower level.
As we head into summer, it’s a given that people’s minds turn toward outdoor activities and family outings. The Fourth of July is not long off and we all know that hot weather, vacations, with plenty of events and distractions are to come. Other than in presidential election years when party conventions are held in summer, this time of year is not usually associated with politics. This year must be different.
It seems more than a little awkward to employ the apocalyptic language that is often used on the alt right, but sometimes the unvarnished condition needs to be described. If the composition of, at least, the House of Representatives isn’t changed in the November election, then it’s a good bet we will scarcely recognize the United States of America in two years. We are heading into a crucial time when affecting the opinions of our fellow Americans – trying to change the awareness of issues coupled with the necessity to vote becomes a top priority.
Here in Montana, among other offices, we have a Senator and a Representative to elect. These are crucial votes for us, and for the voting in Congress. Montana is a split voting state, as is Park County, and we need to emphasize to people that this year of all years it is vital to make up our minds that the shambolic dismantling of government (state or federal) either by corruption or by design is not what we want. Issues such as public lands, healthcare, education, immigration – and yes, the basic role of government in a modern society, need to be brought to the forefront of people’s thinking instead of the endless diversions provided by political shenanigans in Washington and elsewhere.
It is also quite likely, following the primary elections of June, the seemingly slow motion of the Mueller investigation will prove to be a fading illusion in a storm of indictments and other legal activity. This activity will cause consternation among many and perhaps force a constitutional crisis. It is likely to happen this summer, by the end of September at the latest, as such investigations as Mueller’s usually attempt to finish their business or at least take care of the investigative work before the advent of national elections. During the next several months, who knows what bombshells and blowups will appear? Whatever they are, we need to be ready for them. By that we mean to be prepared to demonstrate, to advertise, to spread word-of-mouth – and in general defend the rule of law.
Indivisible Upper Yellowstone is in the interesting position of being able to emphasize the issues, sometimes very complicated and difficult issues (such as the role of government). As is rightly so, the political parties will be concerned with the election of candidates and of pushing the particular platforms. We have the option of looking at all the issues and deciding which ones need to be emphasized. This is not easy, but it is the role of our general meetings to set the pattern for us. For example, currently – which means this week maybe, the issues involved with separating parents from children at the US border and the fate of the DACA people are infuriating and heartrending. What is our message about these issues? That is the kind of thing we will discuss in the general meeting. We hope you attend, bring your opinions and thoughts, and use this opportunity to be informed and engaged.
Dixie and Nelson
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