IUY: Monthly Meeting July 11

Dear Indivisibles,

The next monthly meeting of Indivisible Upper Yellowstone will be on Wednesday of next week July 11 in the Steveson room of the Park County-Livingston public library at 6:00 PM.
By now it should be obvious that nearly half if not more of the so-called daily news concerning the GOP and Trump is really about events or statements or tweets, which are only superficially engaging and have little long-term consequence. We should be growing accustomed to the manufactured event, the drama that is the result of calculated propaganda

The so-called summit meeting between Pres. Trump and the communist dictator of North Korea Kim Jong-Un is a perfect example of the seemingly important but actually only marginally important event. As you may have heard, our intelligence agencies are already reporting that North Korea is not honoring any sort of reduction in development for nuclear arms. To the contrary, they are apparently continuing to enrich plutonium and prepare facilities for long-range missiles. Obviously we are not, as Pres. Trump tries to maintain, completely free from the threat of nuclear war. In fact, Secretary of State Pompeo has already said that negotiations with North Korea will endure for many months if not years.

On the other hand, the fundamentally disgusting events on the southern border with Mexico, the separating of parents from children, is real and unfortunately enduring. It’s clear by now that the Trump zero-tolerance policy was a typical shoot from the hip, play to the base, nobody will give a damn what happens – crisis. The policy was not well thought out, even though some of the infrastructure for detaining children was already under construction. The policy quickly exposed the moral, political and human failure of this administration.. We demonstrated against it – twice. Our second demonstration was one of the most successful we’ve had in Livingston in recent memory. People know this issue is important, because it stands for all the immigrants and immigration policy for the last 250 years of American history.

But suddenly, we now have the issue of dealing of with what to do with ICE. This branch of Homeland Security has quite clearly become a police arm with overtones of race related violence and punitive action. There is a call from some to do away with ICE. Actually, what has been said is not destroy ICE, but replace it with another agency less militarily oriented and less punitive. No matter, Trump and the GOP have already seized upon this idea and use it as a propaganda tool. Should the reform of ICE become another issue added to the border problems, should it be ignored, should it be rejected? These are the kind of questions we will examine in the next meeting of Indivisible Upper Yellowstone.

It’s midsummer, it’s getting hot, and people’s time is frequently diverted. We hope you can take a couple of hours and join us to continue the discussion of what issues are important, which need to be emphasized, and what steps we can take in the next month or two as we get closer and closer to the midterm elections.

Nelson and Dixie

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