IUY Monthly Meeting January 2020


6 Months to the Montana primary.
10 Months to the general election.
New year, new decade.
First Indivisible Upper Yellowstone meeting of 2020: Wednesday January 8, 6:30 PM 
Livingston-Park County Public Library, Teen Room (Main Floor)
By now we all know this is definitely not politics as usual, what with an historic impeachment and all. Still, it’s a good bet for a lot of us, our heads and emotions prefer to stick in a moderately disengaged neutral, if not for a while longer, denial and avoidance of politics.This isn’t true of everybody, of course. Some people got revved up in 2018 and never wound down. More power to ’em. Others, probably most of us, go up and down about Trump and what’s happening to our country. It’s hard to sustain outrage over years, enough outrage to motivate action. At best, that kind of motivation comes and goes. Besides, the elections – those ultimate tests of our individual and collective political will – were always “way off, years.” 
Not any more.
It’s difficult to say, “It’s time. It’s time to get involved.” We know it’s months to go, and it’s winter. People have to pace themselves if we’re going to have a successful push at the end. You are, or soon will be pressed to invest your time and money – non-infinite resources. However, if you really do understand this election is different, then you know the time will come for a contribution. We’d suggest a good place to start is with, as athletes say, “getting your head in the game.” In a metaphoric way that’s what our Indivisible meetings will be about from here on out. Once a month (for now), they will provide enough time to hear what other people think about issues and to help decide priorities.We can’t promise to cure the blowback of political chaos, or clear your palette of distasteful rhetoric, but we can talk about things to actually do, people to see, places to go and things to think about. All part of finding those energies we’re going to need for what remains of the long haul. We’ve copied the agenda below. Join us.
Nelson and Dixie
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