Not Your Usual GET ON THE PHONE Request

Indivisibles One and All,

We’ve been protesting for three years – scores of demonstrations, meetings, contacting congresspeople. Not all of it was urgent, much less pivotal.

This is both urgent and pivotal:

As of Monday evening, Senate Republicans posted their rules for the Senate Impeachment Trial. They are a type of gag rule. (Keep the public from as much information as possible.)

– Limit each side’s arguments to 24 hours over two days. (Midnight presentation entirely possible.)

– Presentation of new evidence, case by case, must be granted by majority vote.

– Presentation of old evidence, case by case, must be granted by majority vote.

– Witness testimony of any kind, case by case, must be granted by majority vote.

– All votes come after the principal arguments.

Why is this so important? This is the endgame of the impeachment process; there will be no other chance before the election. We know the Senate (GOP) will not convict Trump; so it is imperative that he not come away from the trial “looking clean.” Without evidence and witness testimony the public will know little or nothing about the most recent issues, such as the illegality of withholding military aid to Ukraine (per the GAO). Trump will still do an “exoneration tour,” but it’s crucial that it rings false.That can only happen if witnesses and evidence are given a real hearing – like every other trial, impeachment or otherwise.

Call our Senators, Daines AND Tester to show them Americans want a real trial, not a cover-up. Do it NOW, before the Senate has finished with the McConnell Exoneration Express. 

Senator Steve Daines  406-587-3446 (Bozeman)  202-224-2651 (DC)

Senator Jon Tester  406-586-4450 (Bozeman)  202-224-2644 (DC)

Never done this before? Don’t like to do it? Doesn’t matter, this time it needs everybody.

This is a focal point – will the public tolerate a sham? 


Nelson and Dixie

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