IUY Monthly Meeting February 12, 2020



Joe Biden said he felt gut-punched; we ALL feel gut-punched.

The Iowa Caucuses debacle, the Reality TV State of the Union speech, the Senate Impeachment Acquittal, the surreal “it was all bullshit” celebration, the first reprisals (Lieutenant Colonel Vindman, Ambassador Sondland). Maybe we all need a pep rally, but more likely we need to pick ourselves up from an obvious low point and one step at a time move forward into the work of removing Donald Trump in the election. That will be the principal focus of our next regular meeting:

Indivisible Upper Yellowstone Monthly Meeting – Wednesday, February 12, 2020 at 6:30 PM in the Park County – Livingston Public Library in the Steveson room (lower floor).

Yes, we will talk about what happened and what appears to be happening (Bloomberg anyone?); But the topics for discussion are mainly about revving up for our election activities – both primary and general. We’re going to need some people to step up and lead efforts such as postcard writing, letters to the editor writing, and registration efforts. We also need to get going with raising money for our activity, especially advertising. In other words, like the general approach needed by the Democrats, we need to get practical, feature pocketbook issues, solve leadership issues, and collectively stop crying in our beer. We need some good ideas, inspiration is also welcome. 

See you Wednesday,
Nelson and Dixie


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