IUY Monthly Meeting – Wed May 13, 2020



Doubtful that anyone’s forgotten completely, but it’s not surprising if the upcoming Montana primary (June 2) isn’t at the tippy-top of consciousness. We have a regular monthly meeting coming up:

IUY Monthly Meeting Wednesday, May 13, 6:30 PM – online, via Zoom.
If you are interested in attending, just reply to this email and will send you the web access  before the meeting.

The meeting gives us a perfect opportunity to review the primaries – who’s running for what, and who the candidates are. [A reminder: check out our apodcastrunsthroughit.com for in-depth interviews of candidates.] It’s also an opportunity to, shall we say clear the fuzz of isolation, and put our heads back together despite the unprecedented vortex of crisis.. There’s obviously a lot to talk about, and while nobody expects a catharsis, it might be helpful to put some context around the incessant items of news and existential disruption. We could also talk about how Park County and Montana are doing, which is exceptionally well and the potential political implications. We’ll also be talking about – given that public and face-to-face political activity is unavailable – what kind of projects we can do over the summer as a lead up to the final lap into the November elections.

Looking forward to seeing you and hearing you.
Nelson and Dixie

PS: Zoom is easy; don’t be intimidated by any technical challenge. If you can operate a computer with sound capability and run a browser, you can use Zoom. It’s also improved security quite a bit.
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