Trump campaign and GOP file Montana suit 

On Wednesday (9/2/20) the Trump campaign and three GOP groups filed suit in Helena Federal District Court to block Gov. Steve Bullock’s directive that counties are permitted to hold the November 3 election by mail ballot..

This is a blatant partisan effort to obstruct and obfuscate the voting process to the benefit of Republican candidates, and especially the campaign for Sen. Daines (which is specifically named in the lawsuit.)
Bullock responded, in a statement, that “this template lawsuit appears to be part of a pattern of lawsuits across the country by Republican party operatives to limit access to voting during the pandemic. Voting by mail in Montana is safe, secure, and was requested by a bipartisan coalition of Montana election officials seeking to reduce the risk of COVID-19 and keep Montanans safe and healthy. This is the same directive that the Republican President of the Senate and Republican Speaker of the House said was the right thing to do for the June primary. Today, we have many more active cases of COVID-19 than we did back in June.”
Daines is trying to have it both ways

The response from the Dames campaign:
Campaign spokeswoman Julia Doyle said that “the senator strongly supports giving Montanans the option to vote by mail” — which is what Bullock’s directive does. She said Daines supports the lawsuit because Bullock did not work with the Legislature, repeating the lawsuit’s contention that the directive is an overreach of power.

We need everybody to persistently call Daines’ offices
We need everybody to call upon Daines to uphold his support for voting by mail, and demand the Trump-GOP lawsuit be withdrawn.

Remind him of his support to vote by mail, including the mailing of ballots and complete voting by mail that was carried out for this year’s primary elections. Mention that governor Bullock’s directive was a result of bipartisan approval by the majority of Montana Clerks and Recorders.

Senator Steve Daines  406-587-3446 (Bozeman)  202-224-2651 (DC)  

Urgent – do it now – and keep it up, please.

Nelson and Dixie
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