About Indivisible

Indivisible – Upper Yellowstone is one of the groups in the Indivisible Movement. We’re a regional organization, mainly for Park and Sweet Grass counties in south-central Montana  where the upper reaches of the Yellowstone River flow. Like the other thousands of Indivisible groups that formed nationally, we’re people who are shocked, angry, and saddened by the political trends in the United States – the Trump agenda – but also by the irrational polarization of the American people. It’s as if we can no longer talk to our friends, neighbors, and colleagues about what used to be shared rights of democratic government – and sometimes it is worse than that.

Rather than go through a lengthy narrative about what “Indivisible” means (there is no central organization, philosophy, or ideology), here are some phrases that help capture the principles and values of Indivisible:

Indivisible doesn’t refer to parties or ideologies, it means indivisible as in the pledge of allegiance.

Nonpartisan and not explicitly aligned with any party.

Indivisible might not need a political label, but if it does, it is probably “progressive.”

Local Indivisible-related groups decide their own priorities.

Take issues personally, act together.

Indivisible applies to all races, religions, cultures, ethnicity, gender and sexual preference.

We believe in non-violent protest – that doesn’t mean we’re invisible.

We do civil debate and protest, an exercise in civics for a healthy democracy.

In a democracy government isn’t “their” responsibility; its our responsibility.

We’re engaged for the long haul with actions on issues and policy.

Not organized to raise money, but to organize individual efforts.

Using the power of electronic media to exchange ideas and organize actions.

If Indivisible has an enemy, it is propaganda

Get organized, get educated, and show up