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    Words from other indivisible groups…

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    I just posted this on my local Indivisible F/B site. We need to take courage and inspiration from each other. Hang in there and keep fighting.
    I go in and out of feeling hopeless about the work we are doing to resist Trump & Republicans. I just read an interview with Chris Hayes where he speaks about he avoids what he calls the “doom loop” (see below). We all need to keep acting as if our actions matter even when it isn’t always apparent that they do. It is all we have to combat this threat to democracy and our civil rights.
    We all need to work together to resist. We need to march when we can, we need to call when we can, we need to send postcards when we can, we need to meet and organize and build community. When we come through this terrible time, we need to be able to say, proudly, that we did all we can to resist.
    “I tend to think of it in terms of my own behavior. Like, what am I going to do? How am I going to avoid the doom loop? My whole approach to the Trump era is to act as if reality matters, facts matter, the basic political gravity of whether you make people’s lives better or worse matters, rigorous thinking, nonconspiratorial thinking, logical skepticism — all of these things, these principles I hold as a journalist, as a thinker, as a writer, as a citizen, they all matter. Act as if that’s the case, even with the knowledge they may not.
    I don’t know if in the end they will matter, but I can’t figure out how to conduct myself in my life or in my work if they don’t. I don’t have an alternative to that. I don’t know how to live in some sort of Hobbesian world of a war of all against all in which there are no rules and nothing matters and you can say whatever you want, whether it’s true or not, and be this sort of vengeful and petty person. I don’t know how to conduct myself in that world. The world I know how to conduct myself in is the world in which the values I believe in and hold and try to live by and work by win out in the end.”
    Pat Magda

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