Trumpcare Protest Rally – June 24

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Thanks to all who participated!  

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The “No Trumpcare Gang” – Indivisibles

Park Street, Livingston  – June 24, 2017


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IUY: Saturday June 24 Demonstration Against the AHCA

JOIN US IN PROTESTING THE AHCA (Trumpcare)! – New Senate Version

When: Saturday, June 24 11AM

Where: The former GOP Headquarters in Livingston, 11th and Park Street. (The old gas station). We will be on the sidewalks.

Let us know if you are definitely coming: Dixie Hart – 222-0284, Nelson King – 222-5881 or use email:,

We need people to make signs! Please volunteer. We will provide flyers updated with coverage of the latest atrocities of the GOP Senate health care bill.



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Montana Politics – Day Before Election, Another First in the Nation

Greg Gianforte, Montana G.O.P. Candidate, Is Charged in Attack on Reporter NY Times, front page


Gazette opinion: We’re pulling our endorsement of Gianforte

Missoulian rescinds Gianforte endorsement


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This Week: Vote! CBO Report.

Having survived the last two weeks of the maelstrom, we of Indivisible Upper Yellowstone have one overriding mission for this week:

Vote. Get out the vote. Push the issues where it helps the vote, such as health care. Polls open 7AM, close 8PM.

Otherwise, we will shortly be going back to the regular flow of insane events. Trump will return from abroad. Some important things will happen during this week. I have been closely monitoring the Indivisible National forum (mobilize) and here are some trends:

1. The CBO report on the House AHCA will be out this week. It will most likely provide a plethora of talking points to go after MoCs and possibly voters. The general consensus among Indivisible groups seems to be moving in the direction of (re-) focusing on health care, especially in attacking the House AHCA and whatever misdirection the Senate will throw at the media.

2. Trump will be Trump and for the most part is best left out of the direct resistance – meaning that with the new special counsel (investigation) and the media, he will not be neglected. We (Indivisible et al) don’t need to focus on him. This includes concerted calls for impeachment, but does not include calling for an independent commission.

3. What is being neglected are the myriad efforts by federal agencies to remove, revise, or under-execute regulations (e.g. Net Neutrality, water quality, immigration). Here in the west we have a National Monuments problem and shortly more land use issues.

4. There will be a nationwide march effort for June 3. Labelled “March for Truth” Indivisible groups seem less that fully committed.

REMINDER: We have a regular monthly meeting of Indivisible Upper Yellowstone, Friday May 26 at 6PM in the MSU Extension classroom, 119 South Third in Livingston. We will have a full agenda.

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IUY General Meeting – Post Special Election and Beyond

Monthly Meeting (note the change in time and venue)

Date and Time: Friday May 26, 2017 6:00PM
Location: MSU Extension Classroom, 119 South 3rd Street, Livingston

It’s a wild ride. The twists and turns of the GOP/Trump agenda continue. The shocks and awfulness often happen so close together that Indivisible groups across the country scramble to find coordination and purpose for actions. With the special election behind us, local action on a number of ‘national issues’ comes back to the fore. This meeting will hopefully help us establish our priorities (subject to almost instant alteration, given the D.C. craziness). We should also discuss how to handle the sudden changes…

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Urgent – Protest for Russia Investigation

Comey firing – Special Prosecutor Protest at Senator Daine’s Office in Bozeman (see below for details)

Date and Time: TODAY 5PM
Location: Senator Daine’s Office in Bozeman

Hey everyone! We are all meeting at Senator Daines office today @ 5 pm to protest Comey’s firing.

Here are the details….

MoveOn members, allies, and Americans of all walks of life are converging on district Senate offices all across the country at 5:00 p.m. local time to make some noise until we get the truth about Trump and his cadre of advisors and their web of financial and foreign entanglements.

Can you make it to Senator Daines’ office today at 5:00 p.m.?

Our ask: Congress must establish an independent commission to investigate Trump. (One that he can’t fire!)

Invite family and friends join you.
Bring pots. Bang pans. Honk horns.
Bring signs. Be visible.

Use the hashtag #ComeyGate to send out pictures, videos, and Facebook Live footage. Make sure to tag @MoveOn and their team will amplify your good work to make sure your members of Congress see the outrage of their constituents.

By choosing to attend this event, you are acknowledging the risks involved, and you are committing to participate non-violently and in accordance with the law, and to work to de-escalate confrontations with opposing persons or others. You agree (i) not to engage in any act of violence or violation of any applicable law and (ii) to obey the orders of authorized event marshals and law enforcement authorities.

TO participate, you have to stay on the sidewalk! Don’t go in the street. Thanks!

More info: #ComeyGate

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Comey Firing Response Pending

The response to Trump’s firing of the FBI Director (James Comey) is developing across the nation. Buzz on the Indivisible forum indicate a trend toward public demonstrations combined with targeted communications flooding of Republican MoCs about the appointment of a special prosecutor. We will monitor what develops in the morning as hopefully there will be some consensus.

Where:   Public Demo/MoC Blizzard
When:   During the day (Wednesday)

Who:    All hands on deck

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National Response to AHCA

Use the IUY ISSUES FORUM to help set our plans! How to protest the new “Zombie Trumpcare” that passed the House of Representatives.

Where:   IUY Issues Forum
When:   Now through May 7

Indivisible groups throughout the country are responding to the House passage of the AHCA (American Health Care Act). One part of the response is to organize opposition in the Senate, where the bill goes next. The other part is to organize a national public demonstration of some kind to “publicize” objections to Trumpcare. The most active idea at the moment is to have some kind of “Die-in” protest, complete with costumes, signs, graves, bodies etc. Others are suggesting positive protest to thank congresspeople who voted against the AHCA. Whatever is done, it would be staged locally (first) to attract public and media attention. What do you think should be Indivisible-Upper Yellowstone’s approach? Please reply with your ideas and opinions and VOTE in the poll attached to Indivisible-Upper Yellowstone ISSUES FORUM.

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IUY Event: May 26 – General Meeting

Indivisible – Upper Yellowstone General Meeting

Date and Time: Friday May 26, 2017 – 6:30 PM
Location:  To be Determined

We opened a poll on the IUY website forum to determine the date of the next general meeting, but there was no date with more than one vote – so after talking it over with Dixie, we decided to go for the day after the special election – to celebrate or lick wounds, perhaps, but in any case to move on to other issues. Right now, so many IUY members are rightly wrapped up in election activity that we felt it was distracting to hold a IUY meeting before the election. We are also going to seek a new venue (no cost) – if you have suggestions please let us know. []

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