Support SB 330 Climate Change/PACE program

From Governor Steve Bullock…

I am asking you to take action towards combating climate change and investing in Montana’s renewable energy industry by contacting the Montana Legislature, today.
I believe Montanans should determine our energy future through a balanced and responsible plan that provides good-paying jobs for Montanans, strengthens rural communities and supports our schools, all while safeguarding our quality of life.
Last June, I released my Energy Blueprint for the state’s energy future, which builds on our previous accomplishments to drive economic growth by improving Montana’s traditional base of energy while sparking a new generation of clean technology businesses.
My Energy Blueprint is designed to help our state move strategically into the energy future by expanding Montana’s energy presence in the region, further realizing the potential for wind a
nd solar power, and improving energy efficiency.

Among my energy proposals for this Legislative Session is Senate Bill 330, sponsored by Senator Chas Vincent. SB 330 would authorize allow Montana local governments to establish voluntary residential and commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) programs. PACE programs are an innovative way for local communities to finance low-cost, long-term funding options for properties to develop energy efficiency, renewable energy, and water conservation projects.

PACE is repaid through the property’s tax bill, the same way sidewalks and sewers have been for decades. It can cover 100% of a project’s costs with financing terms up to 20 years. PACE can be used for commercial, nonprofit, and residential properties and is currently implemented in 35 other states.

I encourage you to send a message of support to the legislators on the Senate Energy and Telecommunications Committee who will be hearing SB 330 on Thursday, March 23rd. You can send an email to these legislators HERE. Simply select the message be delivered to the Senate Energy and Telecommunications Committee members for their review.
You can also leave a message for the committee with Legislative Services Division at 406-444-4800.

I have been working with Montanans from all sectors of the energy industry to map a blueprint for Montana’s energy future and proactively move us into the future. Together, we can drive economic growth, create good-paying jobs all across Montana, and pass on a Montana that is still the envy of the nation for our quality of life and economic stability.

My kids, your kids, and all future generations of Montanans deserve no less.


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