Montana Specific Protest on House AHCA Vote

Where:   Montana House Member Office (202) 225-3251
When:   ASAP – Before the House vote on AHCA

Dixie Hart had a suggestion this morning – as yet more “versions” of the AHCA surfaced to accommodate the “no government in health care” faction of the GOP. It occurred to her that as one million Montana people currently without a representative in the House, we have been effectively disenfranchised from this momentous decision (vote). Here’s her idea for an ALERT:

“I decided to go ahead and call the switchboard in D.C., (202)224-3121 and express my frustration about not having representation in the House when legislation on a bill as critical as healthcare is being voted on. I asked the staffer if they could tape a note to the empty chair of the Montana U.S. house member that says, “Vote NO on the unhealthy AHCA”. The switchboard operator said he couldn’t do it, but put me through to the Montana House member office in D.C. I made the same request to the staffer, asking her to tape the note to the Montana House members seat on the floor where the vote will take place and she said she would.

I think we should get an email out to our Indivisible members and ask everyone to call either the D.C. switchboard (202)224-3121 or the D.C. Montana House Member Office (202)225-3211 and express your concern about not having representation in the U.S. House of Representatives, and ask that a note be taped to the chair of the Montana House Member on the floor where the vote will take place that says “Vote NO on AHCA”.  Lets see if these notes actually get to the floor and what that looks like on camera!!!!!”


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