National Response to AHCA

Use the IUY ISSUES FORUM to help set our plans! How to protest the new “Zombie Trumpcare” that passed the House of Representatives.

Where:   IUY Issues Forum
When:   Now through May 7

Indivisible groups throughout the country are responding to the House passage of the AHCA (American Health Care Act). One part of the response is to organize opposition in the Senate, where the bill goes next. The other part is to organize a national public demonstration of some kind to “publicize” objections to Trumpcare. The most active idea at the moment is to have some kind of “Die-in” protest, complete with costumes, signs, graves, bodies etc. Others are suggesting positive protest to thank congresspeople who voted against the AHCA. Whatever is done, it would be staged locally (first) to attract public and media attention. What do you think should be Indivisible-Upper Yellowstone’s approach? Please reply with your ideas and opinions and VOTE in the poll attached to Indivisible-Upper Yellowstone ISSUES FORUM.

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