Opposing the GOP Tax Bill


BEFORE THE CHRISTMAS RECESS the Republicans in Congress are attempting to jam through a tax bill, which is one of the worst pieces of major legislation in American history (not an exaggeration). It amounts to a massive transfer of wealth from average Americans to corporations and the very rich. It will also undermine and eventually destroy public healthcare. It will affect the lives, literally and badly, of tens of millions of people.  

The House has already passed a version of the bill. The focus now is on the Senate bill. Unfortunately GOP leaders are using every possible tactic to hide its development: Rushing the bill through both houses with almost no legislative process; using the rules of a ‘reconciliation’ to allow 50+1 voting margin in the Senate; burying the media coverage under Thanksgiving clutter and the sexual harassment news; and keeping the bill ‘unfinished’ for as long as possible. Consequently, even observant liberals and progressives are uncertain, or under-informed, about what is happening.

At this point, do most of us understand the devastating content of the Senate bill? Some points among a myriad of gruesome details:

– It effectively kills the Affordable Care Act by crippling the individual mandate.

– It will raise the cost of health insurance for most people in order to cover rising costs in insurance markets that no longer have lower risk people.

– It will lead to cuts in Medicare (especially disability coverage) in order to cover the ‘terrible deficit’ created in the first place by tax cuts for the wealthy.

– It will lead to massive cuts to Medicaid, $1.3 trillion, again to finance the tax cuts.

– Within ten years, it will lead to a $1.5 trillion addition to the national debt.

– It ends deduction of state taxes, a huge blow to people in high tax states (e.g. New York, California, New Jersey – mostly ‘blue’ states).

– It ends student loan deductions and quadruples taxes for graduate students.

– It gives the biggest individual tax breaks to the wealthiest (people in the 1%).

– It gives the biggest tax breaks of all to corporations, dropping the official tax rate from 35% to 20% (never mind that many large corporations pay no federal taxes anyway).

– It ultimately increases the taxes on most people earning under $75,000/year.

Indivisible national has called upon chapters to make Monday November 27th a day of demonstrations, primarily at the offices of senators. We will join in that effort by demonstrating at Senator Daines’ office in Bozeman (13 South Wilson, 1PM). In the meantime, we’re urging everyone to contact our congressmen (Daines, Gianforte)to protest the GOP Tax Bill.

Senator Daines: 406-587-3446 (Bozeman) 202-224-2651 (DC) steve@daines.senator.gov

Rep. Gianforte: 406-969-1736 (Billings) 202-225-3211 (DC)


Meanwhile, at the November meeting of Indivisible Upper Yellowstone, we identified a serious lack of knowledge about the ‘tax bill’ issues. To counteract this, we decided to post a series of ads in the Livingston Enterprise for the Thanksgiving week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday) in advance of the Senate potentially voting on their version of the tax bill. We are asking everyone to help our information effort by donating toward the placement of ads such as this one for Wednesday…(see attached). 

The more donations, the bigger the ads, the bigger the impact. We would also like to continue the ad placement into next week, beyond Monday the 27th.

Please send your contributions – $10, $20, whatever – to:

Indivisible Upper Yellowstone Ad Campaign

c/o Dixie Hart

629 North Yellowstone

Livingston, MT 59047

Please make your checks out to Dixie Hart with “Indivisible Upper Yellowstone Ad Campaign” in the For line.

Thanks for helping to break through the lies and chicanery so prevalent with GOP/Trump Tax Bill.

Most sincerely,

Nelson and Dixie

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