Regular IUY Meeting: April 11

Regular Indivisible Upper Yellowstone Meeting, Wednesday April 11, 2018 6PM Livingston-Park County Library

Seven months from now (April 6 to November 6) we go to the polls. Think about what that could mean:

Will we continue experiencing mass murders and a staggering level of daily gun related deaths?
Will there be a war with Iran and/or North Korea?
Will Americans stop tolerating an accelerating level of corruption among the governing?
Will demagogues fail while using race, religion and ethnicity to divide us?
Will we actually fight against Russian interference in our democracy.
Will we ever become revolted enough by presidential sex scandals?
Can we stop the move to give away our public lands?
Can we return to our roots as a nation of opportunity for immigrants?
Will women see a culture in this country that is fair and respectful?
Will we continue to downgrade our desperately important public education?
Can we avoid an idiotic trade war?
Will we still have clean air and water – anywhere? (Climate change anyone?)
Will millions of Americans no longer be able to afford health insurance?
Will people understand that the few bucks they get back from “tax reform” are temporary – and vastly unequal to the sums given to corporations and the wealthiest?

This month, on Wednesday April 11 at 6PM in the Livingston Park County Library (lower level, Stevenson Room), Indivisible Upper Yellowstone again meets to review these and other issues to prioritize our demonstrations, advertising – and soon – our get out the vote efforts.We’re all busy and this is, of course,”just another meeting” but it’s also an opportunity in a pivotal few months to learn, express opinions, hash out issues, and help decide on actions.

Shortly, in another email message, we’re going to make an ask – become a member of Indivisible Upper Yellowstone ($10) and contribute to our ad campaign (we need $4500 for the next seven months). But right now please consider participating in person – we have a long hard march to the mid-term elections – just like the “March for Our Lives” – participation makes a difference.

Nelson and Dixie
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