IUY: ACTION – Protect the Rule of Law – Defend Democracy


Indivisible Upper Yellowstone
Protect the Rule of Law – Defend Democracy
Wednesday July 18, 2018 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM
Park Street West at 5th (rail crossing road) 
from sidewalk to curb (only), in front of Depot Park
Part of national vigils and demonstrations called by MoveOn.org through its “No One is Above the Law”
Program (the same one that will call for national demonstrations if Mueller or Rosenstein are fired),
A Proactive Demonstration!
The worst hasn’t happened yet, but this demonstration has been called to awaken people about the warning signs
of attacks on the rule of law and the American way of democracy. It’s true that these are “concepts” instead of emotional
slogans but they go to the heart of how and why we are Americans, all of us. This is a demonstration to make
an impression – to fix in the mind of people even passing by car – that what is happening in America, what is
happening to all of us, is as serious as a heart attack.

What will motivate you to join your fellow Americans on the side of the road with your signs and your personal protest?

It’s the same motivation that should bring people to the polls in November…

– With the indictment of additional Russian espionage leaders, the evidence of Russian interference in our elections
is undeniable and overwhelming. Yet, the administration and Republicans in Congress continue to deny it, to act as if
the attack on our elections and our opinions was “fake news”.

– Although the Mueller investigation continues to increase the number of indictments, convictions, and confessions,
members of Congress and the administration continue to threaten and attack the process as a “witch hunt”.

– At our southern border with Mexico, travesties of the law and human rights continue, if only by incompetence,
but also by design.

– A new nomination for the Supreme Court, a man who favors corporations over people, who undoubtedly will follow the path
to reduce, if not destroy, women’s reproductive rights; joins a now sitting Supreme Court judge who was gerrymandered
into the position.

– Countless signs of corruption, both of government and in corporate-government relations go unpunished and very often
uninvestigated. Meanwhile the protections for our water, air, and land are being nullified, circumvented, and overruled
by the presumed needs of corporations and their demand for profit.

– The attacks on the media, on the role of journalism to tell truth to power, are another clear sign of erosion of belief
in the principles of democracy (as in the First Amendment) and in the willingness to suppress opinion and ultimately
the ability to vote.– Everywhere you look signs of intolerance, hate and violence are appearing from people and philosophies that have long

 been on the margin of American society. We don’t have a fascist country, but there are plenty of people –
now out in the open – who want us to become one.The list of attacks on our democracy is much longer; unfortunately many of them are subtle, and go unnoticed. That’s why

we protest, we want to do our part so that people notice what is happening and that the majority of Americans object.
We may be one small County, but every vote will count in November. Believe it, every public demonstration contributes
to that vote.
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