IUY Monthly Meeting Wednesday March 11


First: There will be a regular monthly meeting for Indivisible Upper Yellowstone this Wednesday, March 11, 2020 at the Livingston-Park County Public Library 6:30 PM in the Teen Room (main floor).

It looks like this is going to be a pivotal week. That’s been said before; it will be said again, but this week there are three monumental pivots: public health, the economy, and presidential politics. 

Some have already called it “Plague Monday” because trends that have been gathering in the spread of the coronavirus around the world are beginning to coalesce into visible, tangible, and more than disturbing reality. Italy is quarantining about one fourth of the country, 16 million people. Such dramatic mitigation efforts were taken in China and South Korea, and experts believe many other countries will follow suit – possibly including the United States, if we ever get our act together. There is a growing sense in the U.S. (everywhere but the White House) that the coronavirus is of course real and deadly and must be taken seriously. How does that translate into action?

It looks like we can expect increasing impact in the way people go about their lives. Not the least of this will be the impact on the way people work, the availability of everything from consumer-products to healthcare, and in fact the functioning of the entire economy. As of this morning (Monday) the stock markets around the world are having one of the worst days ever because they are reflecting the impact of the coronavirus on rapidly decreasing oil consumption. As we know, fossil fuels regrettably still lead the world economy, and when oil prices plummet economies crash. 

And then there is politics, which in some respects seems the least of our problems, except that when it comes to the coronavirus our political problem is Trump and his party; replacing them is at the head of the queue for our politics. There are primaries on Tuesday (Michigan, Mississippi, Idaho, Missouri, North Dakota, and Washington – representing 352 delegates). The key states Michigan, Washington, and Missouri could well determine the contest between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. Particularly if Sanders loses Michigan.

We’ll know a lot more by Wednesday night, by the time of our meeting at 6:30 PM. If you’re curious about what to make of what’s happening; we urge you to attend. The provisional agenda is reproduced below. We have some important things to consider, such as what do we do when the coronavirus comes to our corner of the world.

See you soon,
Nelson and Dixie


Indivisible Upper Yellowstone

Wednesday, March 11, 2020 6:30 PM

Livingston-Park County Public Library, Teen Room


General Election: 266 Days – Montana Primary:  113 Days


  1. The impact of the coronavirus (Covid–19) on everything
  2. public health
  3. the economy
  4. the elections
  5. our lives
  6. The presidential and Senate races
  7. The Democrats – time to wrap it up?
  8. Trump’s condition
  9. Bullock versus Daines

III.                 National issues

  1. When to bring other national issues into focus
  2. Organizing our own campaign
  3. Membership, $ for ads, especially coronavirus related
  4. Organizing event
  5. Things to Do (Review)
  6. Advertising – start the campaigns
  7. Voter Registration – update
  8. Postcard Campaign – update
  9. Letters to the Editor Campaign – update
  10. Contacting Congresspeople
  11. Demonstrations – discuss the possibilities
  12. Actions Already in Progress (update)
  13. Podcast (A Podcast Runs Through It)
  14. Weekly Journal – eight months and running

VII.              Other business

Next meeting, Wednesday, April 8, 2020

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