April Monthly Meeting Cancelled


As most of you probably already know, meetings large or small are or will be canceled because of the coronavirus. Indivisible meetings are no exception. For one thing, the public library is closed. When meetings like ours can resume is anybody’s guess. Perhaps when the weather is warmer we could try an outdoor meeting or even a demonstration with six feet between protesters. Meanwhile, we do have a website: indivisible-upper-yellowstone.org, the email channel (this one) that includes the Weekly Journal, and unofficially the podcast apodcastrunsthroughit.com. We’ll stay in touch. The utmost priority is health, and avoiding infection by the disease. For many people this is followed closely by staying financially afloat. The next 2 to 4 months are certain to be tense. It’s almost needless to say this promises to be one of the most, what’s the word – bizarre, frightening, critical – political seasons and general election in our or anybody’s memory. Nobody knows for sure what months on (and sometimes off) quarantine will do to people – that is, us. Much will depend on how severe the outbreak becomes, the progress or lack of progress in dealing with it, and the prospect of treatment or vaccine. As we get closer to the Montana primary, probably in May sometime, we hope to up our game in terms of registration for voters (probably with a heavy emphasis on absentee ballot) and on forms of contacting voters without face-to-face. Whatever, a lot can happen in two months.

Meanwhile, stay safe, stay in touch, and stay informed.

Best wishes and cheers,
Nelson and Dixie

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