IUY Update: Save Our Post Office – Save Our Election

A big thank-you to all those who contacted Montana congresspeople!

As of this Monday morning 8-17:

– Pelosi has called House members back to D.C. to consider and pass legislation calling for
   the USPS to rescind recent mail restrictions and restore the functionality of the post office.
– Simultaneously, one or more House committees will meet to discuss the issues
– Requests for appearances by the Postmaster General and and the chairman of the Postal       Board have gone out for sessions to occur before the end of the month
– The White House and Postmaster General appear to realize trouble is brewing and have
    quickly set up a smokescreen of rationales

Whether it’s phone calls, or media coverage, or politicians realizing the Postal Service issue
is toxic – public pressure is working.

Check one off: In our list of three things to do, we obviously don’t need to put pressure on anyone to have the House reconvene or for investigative committee sessions.

Next up: Wednesday’s Demo: Save Our Post Office – Save Our Election
Wednesday, August 12, 4:30 to 5:30 PM, Park Street and 5th St. in Livingston
Please wear a mask and expect heat. Bring friends, lots of them.

Hold on one: We can hold off on calling Montana senators about support for the “Heroes Act.”

Soon: We are monitoring the strategic situation, and expect the House to pass legislation
within a week or two. We need to get the word out about it (when we find out the details) and
when it goes to the Senate, where McConnell will undoubtedly try to kill it, we will need to
put pressure on senators. This might also be at the same time when serious negotiations
about a new coronavirus relief bill are about to resume.

The wheels are in motion. The threat to the 2020 election by a bottleneck at the post office
remains real and unresolved. Trump is not done messing with the Postal Service.

Dixie and Nelson

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